Your journey – start to finish

In this section, you'll find resources for new starters, developing your skills, and a smooth offboarding process. Your journey with us is a constant evolution, and we're here to support every step. 


How do I get started?

Physical set up

Furniture & equipment
When you join us, you'll get a sit-stand desk and a comfy chair, and equipment-wise, we've also got you sorted: a computer, external monitor, headphones, keyboard, mouse/trackpad, multi-port converter, and privacy screen filter for sensitive projects. Besides these essentials, grab all the markers, pens, and notebooks you need. You can also explore our workshop rooms for additional supplies to support your tasks and projects.
Common space
Getting a free meeting room can be a bit of a race, so be sure to plan ahead by booking your preferred space on our shared calendar. If you're in need of creative supplies, our workshop rooms are stocked with materials, tools, whiteboards, design kits, and more - just remember to tidy up when you're done.
Office access
Make sure you have your office keys, door code, and alarm details. Your buddy will provide an introduction on opening and closing the office if you're the first or last one in.
Missing something?
If something is missing that is essential for your work, you can reach out to Christine. If you are having issues with your computer or phone, reach out to Henrik.

Digital set up

Email & Slack
Our work email is hosted on Google, meaning it's connected to all relevant Google applications: Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Meet and more. For internal communication we use Slack. It's our virtual playground for collaboration, where we chat, share files, and high-five emojis in real time. There's lots of great channels to lurk around and get a sense of the team culture!
Dropbox & OneDrive
This is our team’s favourite virtual treasure chest for effortlessly stashing and sharing files. Store all your project files here. We sometimes also have to use OneDrive due to NDAs. You'll be using it most often with larger clients that play in the Microsoft Suite. It is definitely the ugly duckling among sharing platforms.
If you're looking for a company login, it's probably in 1Password. Use it for all work-related applications.
Sonos & printers
Check out our #IT-support channel on Slack for information on how to connect your computer to the relevant office location printer. Both of our offices use Sonos as our in-office sound system. So if ever you want to be in charge of the music, turn the volume up or down, you'll want to download the app.
Other digital tools
Discover additional tools essential for your work, such as Figma, Miro, Adobe, and more, conveniently listed in our Toolbox section. Access it for login information and optimize your workflow! 💪

Legal set up

Meet Connie
She'll help you sign essential documents like our NDA, key receipt, consent form, and our important security checklist. (Just to clarify, Connie is a digital platform, not an actual person.)
Antivirus and Security (F-Secure)
Henrik, our friendly IT support will help you with the setup of this one.
Security Check-in
Every six months, we perform a security check on all employees, requiring you to review and sign our security checklist again. When it's time you'll get a reminder from Connie!


How do I grow at Stupid Studio?



How do we say goodbye?


Offboarding checklist

When it's time to bid farewell, we're here to guide you through the process. Lars will be your wingman, ready to assist and answer questions to make the transition smooth sailing. Here's the rundown:

  • Share the news – When it's time to move on, it's time to share.
  • "Exit interview" – A cozy chat where we talk about your journey, the good, the bad, and any secret talents you've unveiled.
  • Knowledge handover – If you hold the keys to our secret sauce, let's ensure a smooth transfer.
  • Gear return – Collect the company stuff - laptops, access cards, travel cards, etc.
  • Tech clean-up – Say farewell to system access and ensure ownership transfer of digital docs like Miro boards, Figma files, and more. If you have access to any important client passwords, please make sure they are saved to Stupid General in 1Password.
  • Paperwork tidy-up – Square away your final paycheck and handle any owed cash.
  • Legal reminders – Brush up on post-employment rules and confidentiality promises.


Help, I'm an expat!