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Curious about our playful approach to work? Need information on time management, vacation, leave, well-being, WFH policies, or internal events? In this section, you’ll find all the answers.


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How do we manage our time?

Everything Float

How to use Float
When joining Stupid Studio, you’ll gain access to Float where you’ll be logging your work hours. Christine will give you a thorough introduction covering how to log hours daily and review weekly timesheets.
Time estimation
You'll often estimate time usage with one of our Project Managers. We know it can be a drag, but it's crucial for assignments and client budgets. In Float, you’ll see how much time you have allocated for a certain project or phase on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and you can always adjust the actual hours you've spent on a task when logging your hours. It is important to note that we're not using Float to micromanage your time; your daily hour allocations are merely suggestions made by your project manager. However, it is important that we collaborate along the way and stay within the budget as a team. Going over the agreed-upon time can impact other project phases and your teammates. If you foresee a need for additional hours, please give your Project Manager a timely heads-up. That gives us time to tweak goals and budgets or chat with the client to see if we can agree on more hours. It’s also important that we know in advance to avoid billing issues. Because, honestly, who wants billing issues?
Personal expenses
If you have a personal expense, please send an email with the receipt and project number (if applicable) to Christian. 
Mileage registration
If you've used your own car to attend a client meeting, we've got your back – we'll reimburse your mileage. Please send an email to Christian including: From-to, Date, Distance (total kilometers), Purpose of the trip and Project Number (if billable). 

Taking time off

Concerning sickness, it is quite simple - It’s either or, and nothing in between 🤒 If you are sick, please stay home and do not work. Before you get back in bed with your chicken soup, send Christine a message (make sure it's before 8:00 a.m.) and remember to give your coworkers a heads-up in our #copenhagenoffice or #odenseoffice channels. Take care! 🫶
Longterm illness
Dealing with a longer illness? We're here to support you! In such cases, please reach out to Lars first, so we can assist you more effectively. Employees who have been with us for 3+ months have additional health insurance benefits, which cover critical illness support, support for loss of working capacity, faster treatment, counselling, chiropractic, physiotherapy and more. Our provider is Danica Pension. For details on coverage, reach them at +45 70 11 25 25 Your well-being matters, and we're here to help in any way we can. 💜
Vacation and days off
The Danish Annual Holidays Act grants 2.08 days off per month, adding up to five weeks of paid vacation. Stupid Studio offers an extra 5 days of holiday, making it a total of 6 weeks. The vacation period runs from September 1st to August 31st, and these six weeks should be taken by December 31st of the same year. Unused days will not be paid out. If you’re planning time off, make sure to send a request directly in Float. You’ll get a reply from your project manager shortly after. In the unlikely situation that nothing happens, please poke Christine 🤓🏖️
Summer & Christmas breaks
We're closed weeks 28-30 in summer and between Christmas and New Year. Please plan your vacation around these times. 🌞🎄
Going on leave
Time for a getaway? Whether it's a USA road trip or home renovation, share your plans! We're flexible and open to extending your six weeks of vacation, though keep in mind it’ll be on your own dime. ✈️ 🚃 Talk to Lars for the next steps!
Parental leave
Already expecting or planning to start a family? Congratulations! If you qualify for parental leave payments from the Danish government, you're eligible for paid time off. Find more information on the official rules at
OOO auto-reply
If you're away, set up this auto-reply for your emails: "Thanks for getting in touch. I'm away until [Month date] and won't be checking my inbox until then. For urgent matters, contact my friendly colleague [name] Best wishes, [Name]."


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